Different Types of Marine plywood

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BS1088 Marine Plywood

This is considered the gold standard for marine plywood. It's made with high-quality veneers and adhesive, meeting strict British Standards Institution (BSI)requirements for marine applications.

Boat Building Plywood

Specifically designed for boat construction,this type of marine plywood often conforms to industry standards for durablity,moisture resistance,and structrual integrity.

Exterior Grade Marine Plywood

While not as high - spec as BS 1088, exterior grade marine plywood is suitable for marine applications where extended exposure to moisture is expected .It's often used in boat construction ,docks, and other marine structures.

Decorative Marine Plywood.

This type is designed with aesthetics in mind, often featuring decorative veneers like teak or mahogany. While still suitable for marine environment, its primary focus is on enhancing the visual appeal of marine interiors. Each type has its own specifications, so it's essential to choose the right one based on the specific requirements of your project.

Interior Grade Marine plywood

This type is suitable for interior marine applications where exposure to moisture is minimal. It's commonly used for cabinetry and paneling inside boats and yachts.

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